The OASIS-Glide-S2 Automated XY Scanning Stage

The OASIS-Glide-S2 Automated XY Scanning Stage

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Short Description

The OASIS-Glide-S2 Automated XY Scanning Stage is the Ideal Scanning Solution for Microscopy.



The OASIS-Glide-S2 represents a significant step forward in microscope-based scanning technology. The Glide-
S2 provides a complete, compact motorized stage with integrated XYZ controller that can be fitted onto a variety of
upright microscopes and is suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple mark-and-relocate to highperformance
virtual slide scanning.

The Glide-S2 stage employs contactless linear shaft motors for very fast, yet quiet, low-power operation. High
precision Swiss rails with integrated 1 μm linear encoders ensure accurate and smooth motion over the entire 75 x
52 mm range of travel.

The Glide-S2 stage includes a built-in OASIS controller to drive the integrated XY linear motors, as well as a third
axis output that can be used to drive standard 3rd party Z-axis stepper motors, for a complete XYZ solution. The
OASIS-Glide-S2 also offers trigger I/O to support Objective Imaging’s Turboscan high speed mosaic acquisition

The OASIS-Glide-S2 connects directly to the host Windows PC using a USB 2.0 interface or can be used standalone
with an OI-TOUCH joystick unit. The Glide-S2 supports the standard OASIS SDK Library that is fully
compatible with the previous range of OASIS PCI / PCI-express controllers such as the OASIS-4i and OASIS-blue.
Each stage also includes the OASIS software tools for basic motion control operations.




The OASIS-Glide-S2 Automated XY Scanning StageThe Ideal Scanning Solution for Microscopy

 OASIS/glide-s2-01-350.jpg The Ideal Solution for Sample Scanning Systems

Key Features

  • 75mmx52mmtravel

  • Contactless linear magnetic shaft motors for high-speed, quiet operation

  • Precision steel rails with etched 1.0 micron linear encoders for smooth, accurate positioning

  • Unique cantilevered design provides ready access to sample

  • Built-in OASIS controller with USB 2.0 interface for easy, responsive connectivity

  • Control of external Z motor and trigger I/O for complete solution 

2. Glide-S2 Top View


3. Glide-S2 Mounted on an Upright Microscope


4. Glide-S2 Technology


5. Linear Shaft XY Motors


  • Magnetic drive-shaft with contactless motor
    • Very high speed
    • Low noise
    • Low power consumption
    • Extremely low friction
    • Zero backlash
  • High-precision steel rails with 1.0 micron linear encoder etched directly onto rail
  • Ideally suited for Turboscan high-speed mosaic image acquisition 

6. Magnetic Sample Holders


Sample holders are available for single or double 1"x3" slides, single 2"x3" slide and 46mm x 27mm petrographic slides. Custom specimen holders available upon request. 

7. Cantilevered Design

  • "Vertical" slide orientation

  • Free access to sample via front and side

  • Smooth Glide motion for effortless direct movement of stage by hand

  • Easy exchange of samples

  • Mounting of electronics to left or right side 


8. Integrated OASIS-USBi Controller

  • Ultra-compact three-axis OASIS controller built into stage
  • USB 2.0 interface to host PC
  • XY control of linear servos with encoder feedback
  • Motor drive output for standard Z-Axis stepper motors 
    • Prior, Ludl, Marzhauser external motors
    • Optional Z-axis encoder input
  • Trigger I/O support
  • Turboscan high-speed mosaic acquisition 

9. Glide-S2X: OEM Configuration

The OASIS-Glide stage is also available in an OEM configuration suitable for system developers who require a flexible, high-performance yet compact scanning solution.

  • Ideally suited for OEM applications and special configurations

  • Compact mechanical and controller design, perfect for "in-box" scanning systems

  • Clear, accessible sample area and a variety of sample holder options

  • Flexible mounting scenarios 


10. OASIS Software

  • The Glide stage uses the standard OASIS library common to all Objective Imaging controllers:

     OASIS-USBi (Glide-S2)  OASIS-blue PCI
     OASIS-blue PCI-express  OASIS-4i PCI

  • Compatible with 3rd party applications that already support OASIS PCI/PCIe controllers

  • Standard OASIS Software Utilities

  • SDK for C/C++, C# (.NET), Visual Basic, and Delphi environments 

11. OASIS-Glide-S2

  • Ultra-compact mechanical and electronics design

  • Fast, quiet linear shaft motors with low power requirements

  • Precision XY rails with integrated linear encoders

  • Built-in OASIS controller with USB 2.0 interface

  • External Z-motor control and trigger I/O for complete solution

  • Simple mounting with maximum sample access