BI3D-302SP Digital Tablet Video Microscope

BI3D-302SP Digital Tablet Video Microscope

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Short Description

BI3D-302SP Digital Tablet Video Microscope





BI3D-302SP: BIOIMAGER 2D/3D Digital Tablet Video Microscope 

3D/-02-SP Features:

2D/3D image switch, 360°manual rotation, 2.0/P pad camera

with touch screen,

can image capture and video record,

and Wi-Fi to transfer the image. All Kinds of Optional Accessories.


Common Optical
System on /arket

HT-108 Optical Sytem

Short depth of field,

can't observe deep hole

Hight depth of field,

can observe deep hole

Only 2D image or

only 3D image, seldom

can switch but image unclear

Switch between

2D & 3D Image


Can't 360° manual rotation 360° manual rotation Function
Once zoom in or zoom out, the image turns into unclear,need to adjust the focus

Once zoom in

or zoom out,the

image remains

clear, no need

to adjust the


Once switch 2D into 3D image,the image turns into unclear, need to adjust the focus Once switch 2D into 3D image,the image remains clear, no need to adjust the focus

HT-108 Optical System

This HT-108 high quality optical

system features low distortion,

high resolution,flat and wide field

of view, large depth of field (equa

l or more than 6mm) and superior


Auto-focus for different digital and

analog camera Compact, practical

and cost-effective.

It contains zoom lens, objective

lens and 2D/3Dangle lens attachment.

zoom lens:

Zoom Range: 0.3X-2.2X with

pre-set stops on zoom lens at

0.3X, 0.5X,1X, 1.5X, 2.2X.

Objective Lens:

Standard included objective lens

and coupler : 1x


Total /agnification: 3X-80X( 1X objective lens) 6X-160X ( 2X objective lens)

Field of View: 3.5mm-50mm

Depth of field: less than 6mm

Working Distance: 46mm-95mm, 95mm is standard

working distance.

2D/3D angle lens 

2D/3D image switch,

360°manual rotation

Optional Objective Lenses:

0.5X, 0.8X and 2.0X(no work

with 2D/3D Rotary


lens attachment)

Zoom Lens

Objective Lens



2D/3D angle lens attachment

Smart Tablet Camera


1/2.5 " C/OS Sensor, 5megapixels (2592*1936), Selectable Resolutions for Capturing Images 7" TFT
LCD HD Screen(1024*600), /aximum Brightness: 350 lumen;Android 2.3 Operating System

HA-TS50 white /icroscope track stand



Optional stands:

HA-PS50 Black post stand

Boom stand

50mm Scope Holder

Weight: 6.6lbs (3kg)

Size of the Base: 12.6×12.01× 0.63"


Travel Distance: 250mm

Vertical Length: 325mm

95×5mm Black and White Plate

HS72 LED Ring Light

72LED bulbs

/ounting diameter: 58mm,Outer diameter: 98

mm Separately Lighting Control Box: intensity

adjustment, brightness with four-zone

lighting control.

Product Applications:

S/T micro-electronics



Hardware & Precision Parts
Life sciences


Objective lens 0.5X 1X 2X
N.A. 0.0058-0.041span> 0.012-0.08 0.014-0.1