Motic AE30/31 Inverted Fluor Microscope

Motic AE30/31 Inverted Fluor Microscope

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Short Description

AE30/31 Ideal Platform for Inverted Microscopy





Motic AE30/31 Inverted Fluor Microscope



Ideal Platform for Inverted Microscopy


Who Need it?

  • Universities
  • Medical Schools
  • General Reserach Labs
  • Nutrition Research Labs
  • Clinical Labs
 Standard AE30/31 Package
  • Stand with Binocular or Trinocular Siedentopf Head
  • 10x Eyepiece with 22mm FN
  • Quintuple revolving nosepiece
  • 4x Plan, 10x, 20x Plan Achromat Phase Objectives
  • Centering Telescope
  • ELWD condenser 72mm with centerable phase slider
  • Glass & metal stage inserts


  • Chromatic aberration corrected and infinity system is upgradeable to fluorescence
  • Correction at eyepiece
  • Ideal for Petri dish & thick sample   
  • Excellent illumination especially for photography or imaging
  • Perfect critical illumination
  • Easy change of objective & 5 nosepiece is expensive
  • Worry free when dealing with chemical
  • High magnification
  • Extra stability
  • Especially for photography 
  • Versatile suit any biological application
  • Fatigue free operation
 Efficient & Stable Design
  • Inverted "Y" for complete stability
  • "V" shaped optical path for best clarity and minimum distortion
  • Controls at your fingertips
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimum footprint
  • Maximum usage
  • Rubberized Controls
 Motic/design_V.jpg Motic/design_Y.jpg


  • High Eye Point
  • Dual built in Diopter
  • Eye guards standard
  • Pre-set Reticule Position for 10x
 Motic/ae30_31eyep.jpg  Motic/ae30_31observ.jpg

Quintuple Nosepiece

  • Ball-Bearing mounted
  • Precision Machined 
  • Click-stops ensure par-centricity & parfocality 
  • Accepts 5 LWD Objectives
  • Tilted angle ensures easy changing of Objective
  • Spill resistant


The AE-30/31 system is designed to accept an attachable Epi-Fluorescence illuminator capable of handling fluorescence microscopy markers FITC to GFP. The attachment inserts into the back of the AE-30/31 stand with filter selection located near the focus control mechanism.