BIM800FLW Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Biological Microscope (Best Seller)

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Short Description

 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope 

10x, 20xPh, 40x lenses included, with tens of optional LWD lenses

Positive & Negative Phase Contrast Lenses

GFP, RFP and Dapi Filters, mounted on a 5-position filter wheel 

XY stage with 96-well plate markers

100W HBO/Mercury illumination



BIM800FLW Inverted Fluorescent Biological Microscope is specifically designed for the observation of cell culture with high quality optics and advanced fluorescent imaging capability. Infinity corrected optical system gives excellent imaging performance. Super high resolution fluorescent objectives are offered to generate high quality fluorescent images. This user-friendly microscope acquisition systems allows undergraduate and graduate students with various degrees of microscopy experience to examine a wide range of samples  such as live cells, fixed cell, histological preps, microfluidic devices, bead samples, range of fluorophores, etc with high reproducibility.



  •  UCIS Infinity Independent Achromatic Optical System¨
  •  WF10x plan eyepieces, 20mm field of view, high eye point up to 21mm¨
  • Seidentopf binocular viewing head; inclined45º¨
  • 52-75mm interpupillary distance settings¨
  • ±5 Diopter adjustment¨
  • Quintuple nosepiece inward facing with positive click stops¨
  • Infinity long work distance plan Achromatic 10x, 20x, 40x and Infinity long work distance phase-contrast 20x objectives¨
  • Right hand controls, low position, fixed stage, 240mm x 260mm, movement range 135mm x 85mm¨
  • N.A. 0.30 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, with phase-contrast slide, long work distance 72mm.¨
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism with markings. Fine focus sensitivity 0.001mm¨
  • 6 volt 30 watt halogen illumination¨
  • Fluorescence illumination system: 100W mercury lamp-house and power supply, B/G/UV/V fluorescence filter block¨
  • Dust cover, power cord

It can be used to observe transparent livings which are not stained, particularly living cells, tissues, fluids, sediments etc. It is an ideal instrument for biology, cytology, oncology, genetics, immunology and other research works. It can be used in scientific research institutes, universities, medical care centers, disease prevention, quality inspection, agriculture, animal husbandry and other departments. It can also be used in venereal disease examination and immune diagnosis.




Infinity flat-field fluorescence objective lens, providing high-quality optical imaging and ensuring clear images. 

Negative & Positive Phase Contrast Lenses & Kit (optional)


Bright Fluorescent illuminating

Filter wheel with 5 spots

High-quality filters (Chroma)
   Side video port




Specification BIM800FLW   Inverted Fluorescent Microscope  2 4
Optical System UCIS infinity independent achromatic optical system
Frame One-piece construction from arm to base 
Head Seidentopf binocular head, 45° inclined, interpupillary distance 52-75mm, ±5 diopter adjustment
Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, plan, high eyepoint up to 21mm, 
Centering Attachment Centering telescope

Infinity LWD plan achromatic objective 10x/0.25  WD9.67

Infinity LWD plan achromatic objective 20x/0.40  WD7.97,
Infinity LWD plan achromatic objective 40x/0.60  WD3.76
Infinity LWD plan phase contrast objective 20x/0.40  WD7.97
Focus System

Low positioned, coaxial coarse & fine focusing system with adjustable tension control and upper limit stop, minimum reading 1μm, moving range 12mm 


Quintuple, reversed type with positive click stops

Condenser Abbe condenser N.A. 0.30 with iris diaphragm, with phase contrast slider & filter (φ34) blue,green & yellow, long work distance 72mm

Right hand controls, low position, mechanical stage, size 240x260mm, moving range 135x85mm.

Drop specimen holder(φ118)
Specimen holder (76x26, φ54)
Light Source 6V30W Halogen lamp house
Electrical part for 6V30W halogen lamp
6V30W halogen bulb (Osram) 
250V/3.15A Φ5X20 Fuse 
Power supply 110-240V,50/60Hz
Fluorescence 100W DC Mercury lamp house
Power supply unit for 100W DC mercury lamp
Epi-fluorescent illumination,multi-functional semi-reflector
100W Mercury bulb (Osram) 
250V/5A Φ5X20 Fuse
Excitation filter B/G, CHROMA Brand
--Blue Excitation Filter, BP460~490, DM500, BA520
--Green Excitation Filter, BP510~550, DM570, BA590
Excitation filter B/G/U/V, CHROMA Brand
--Blue Excitation Filter, BP460~490, DM500, BA520
--Green Excitation Filter, BP510~550, DM570, BA590
--Ultraviolet Excitation Filter, BP330~385, DM400, BA420
--Violet Excitation Filter, BP400~410, DM455, BA455
Phase Contrast  Phase contrast slider for 10x,20x,40x 
0.5x, C-Mount (optional)
Other Allen screw driver 2mm 
Allen screw driver 2.5mm
Dust cover
Power cord
Optional Accessories  Item No.
Head  Seidentopf binocular head, 45° inclined, interpupillary distance 48-75mm, diopter adjustable


Eyepiece WF10x/22mm plan eyepiece, high eyepoint BIM800FLW-10x22
WF10x/20mm, plan, high eyepoint up to 21mm, diopter adjustable BIM800FLW-10x20
WF16x/13mm, plan  BIM800FLW-16x13

Infinity plan achromatic objective 4x


Infinity LWD plan achromatic objective 60x BIM800FLW-60xLWD
Infinity LWD plan phase-contrast objective 10x (positive) BIM800FLW-10xPB
Infinity LWD plan phase-contrast objective 40x (positive) BIM800FLW-40xPB
Infinity LWD Plan Phase-Contrast Objective 10x (Negative) BIM800FLW10xNB
Infinity LWD Plan Phase-Contrast Objective 20x (Negative) BIM800FLW-20xNB
Infinity LWD Plan Phase-Contrast Objective 40x (Negative) BIM800FLW-40xNB
Stage Mechanical Stage, Size 350x208mm,Moving Range 50x50mm BIM800FLW-xy50
Adapter 0.25x C-Mount BIM800FLW-0.25XC

Digital camera adapter (need to know camera brand)


Bulb 6V30W Halogen bulb  BIM800FLW-6v30W
Specimen Holder 125x85 BIM800FLW-XY-125
Fluorescence Attachment 100W DC Mercury lamp house BIM800FLW-HBO
Power supply unit for 100W DC mercury lamp BIM800FLW-HBO-PS
Epi-fluorescent illumination,multi-functional semi-reflector BIM800FLW-RF
Excitation Filter B, CHROMA Brand BIM800FLW-IB
Excitation Filter G, CHROMA Brand BIM800FLW-IG
Excitation Filter U, CHROMA Brand BIM800FLW-IUV
Excitation Filter V, CHROMA Brand BIM800FLW-IV
100W Mercury bulb  BIM800FLW-HBO-C
100W Mercury bulb (Osram)  BIM800FLW-HBO-O
Empty Filter Cube  BIM800FLW-F



BIM800FLW Inverted Epi-Fluorescence Biological Microscope  

2. Optical System 

Ask us how to add or swap with Japanese objective lenses and save lots of money (1.25x, 2.5x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x (dry or oil), 50x (dry or oil), 60x (dry), 100x (oil)). 


3. Mechanical XY Stage

Attachable Mechanical Stage, X-Y Coaxial Control,Moving Rang120mm×78mm (Optional)

Ruler to show a micro-well location in a 96-well plate






Plenty of Accessories



Please visit either of the following links to select a camera for image acquistion based on your budget:

-Cooled CCD Camera

-sCMOS cameras

- add a Retina Display


Following images were collected using this microscope, BIC-C30 3MP sCMOS Camera, BIM800-0.5x 0.5x C-mount adapter and the below-mentioned objective lenses. merged images were generated using Image software.

FluoCells® Prepared Slide #2: bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells (BPAE) cells with Mouse Anti-α-tubulin, BODIPY FL Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Texas Red-X Phalloidin, and DAPI), (Molecular Probes)

BIHR-20xBF PlanFluor EPI20XBF Plan Semi Apochromat 20X/NA0.45/WD3 Lens:


BIHR-50xBFL 50x LWD: PlanFluor EPI 50X LWD BF  Plan Semi Apochromat BF/FL Objective 50X/NA 0.50/W.D 10.6mm:


BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens:


FluoCells® Prepared Slide #6 (Muntjac cells with Mouse Anti-OxPhos Complex V Inhibitor Protein, Alexa Fluor 555 Goat Anti-Mouse IgG, Alexa Fluor 488 Phalloidin, and TO-PRO-3) (Molecular Probes)

BIMJ969-60x: 60x /NA0.80/WD0.23 Plan Objective Lens: